Searching in the Public User Created Material Library

Hi +Spec team

To assist fast browsing of the Public User Created Library, please consider to add the ability to search/filter by material category.

I.e, If I wanted to check out all available items in the entire ‘Floor Finishes’ category, it would be handy to have a filter tool or an expandable folder (bit like the windows explorer tree structure that allows you to click on a little ‘+’ icon to expand the content in that category…)

At the moment, browsing using only keywords is a bit of pot luck, I reckon.

Thanks for the consideration.

Henrik, I agree, I will add it to the Dev list, what do you think about rating materials with a star rating? Would you do it yourself or are you most likely to be too busy?

Hi Andrew,
Answering your query: I don`t think that I would use a star rating scheme. I would forget soon what the stars mean to me hahaaaa.
By far more useful would be a powerful/ concise browsing system, including fast filtering (by name, by category, by colour, by dimensions, by manufacturer, …etc.) in order to narrow down large lists.


How do I delete the material I share for the public? so that the public cannot access the material


Thank you for your post.

When creating material there’s a tickbox field that sets whether the material will be shared with the Public Material Library. This fields will be ticked by default so you will need to untick it for each material you don’t want to be shared. After a material has been created it can only be removed from your library by using the ‘Manage My Materials’ link at the top of the Creat Material page.

Would you be able to please let me know if this works for you?