Not sure if this has been covered before.

I have just started using (trying) the Scenes Options in Plusspec again…

The elevation scenes aren’t locking in place where flicking between scenes. I go to ELV 1 and update it as needed. Then go to another scene such as ELV 2 and update it as needed.
I then go back to ELV 1 and it hasn’t kept that ELV 1 camera position. I’ve ticked the camera position box, done a few other things to get it work but haven’t had any success as yet.
What am I missing?

This is the reason why I stopped using the Scene Options tool months ago and went back to using my own. But after leaving it for a while I decided to give it a chance again…
Is there a box I didn’t tick but needed to?
I would of expected this Plusspec command to work quite well straight off the bat as its quite simple to make our own…

Cheers Matt :scene-gen:

Hi Matt,

Sorry to say but currently it is not possible to edit the scenes created with PlusSpec. What you can do is to add a scene while on one of our scenes and then delete our scene and you will have full customisation. Read below.

  1. Generate scenes using the Scene Tool

  2. Go to elevation 1 or another scene that you want to create another similar scene from.

  3. Right click on the scene bar and click add.

  4. Go to the new scene and set your camera location and than right-click update.

  5. Switch between the PlusSpec scene and your newly made scene and make sure that it worked.

  6. Delete the PlusSpec scene and rename your created scene.

This would of solved your problem and only adds in an extra 2 steps but makes it a whole load faster than creating your own scenes.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards

Hi Dean,

Sounds good. I’ll give it a go next couple days.

Looking forward to the new version available shortly.


Matt :smiley: