Scaling from AutoCAD files


I haven’t been able to scale when importing Autocad or DXF files into Sketchup. I’ve tried to use the ‘scale’ tool but it hasn’t worked.

Please help.


Hi Nick,

Is this the tool you have been using to scale your plans? ( :selection-scale: )

To scale your imported plan, first you must make the plan a component. To do this select everything you want to make into a component than right click and choose the option called (make component). Once this is done select the component and choose the scale tool which looks like this :selection-scale:. Now select two points of a measurement (preferably the longest measurement), after clicking on the second point don’t press anything else just write in the measurement specified and press enter. This will then scale the whole plan. If you have anymore problems with this feel free to ask and post again. :slight_smile:

Have you tried making your Autocad or DXF files into PDF and taking a screen capture of the plan? This is a much easier way to scale and trace over plans.

Kind Regards,

It works a treat for me every time. I love this tool!