saving items from ruby sketch


I was wondering if it was possible to save imported items from ruby sketch so I could access them whenever I have a project open. for example I have imported a shower head and want to be able to access it on different projects. can this be saved to the other bathroom items already in the component tools range?

Cheers, Matt

Hi Matt,

At the moment you cannot save components into any of the PlusSpec tools, however you can download them and save them in your computer so you can use it over and over again by dragging and dropping the component into SketchUp.

I save them in my Sketchup components. This way you have instant access to them. You can drag and drop however I suggest you create a folder first. I have one for landscape, furniture, bathroom items ETC. Before I save them I use the BIM tool to add in price and any other info I want for my bill of quantities or cost estimate.
Here is the link to all of the components on the Rubysketch have been optimized to work efficiently in Sketchup and PlusSpec.

I am not sure if you have had a chance to download this one? it is great for space saving TIP use the interact tool and the Dynamic component attributes to change colors and to animate.

I also have been uploading construction details in 3D as they help understand how systems go together.