Sandwich Panel Walls

Hi all,
Has anyone been able to design with “PlusSpec” for building with “SANDWICH PANELS”? (SIP construction)

Hi XpressBuild,

Although there is not yet a specific SIPS wall type, you can easily create SIP walls with PlusSpec. The solid wall tool seems to be the most common wall type used for SIPS (due to the fact that SIPS walls come in all different wall thicknesses, the solid wall tool allows you to easily specify the width that you want to use, as you draw).

To create SIPS:
Select the wall tool > Select Solid Wall > Select Materials > Select Create Material > Create/Upload a tileable texture that also has the panel join (see attached example) > Specify the width of your panels in Create Material (so your walls will display the number of panels).

You will now be able to draw with SIPS in any existing or new project (as it’s saved to your personal Material Libarary).