Roof types and Skylights.

Hi All,

Just a few quick questions.

  1. What is the best way to install skylights with the plussspec pluggin? Would it be possible to add the to the window tools for the roof?
  2. Is there a way to add a Gable roof? Or more specifically a dutch gable to an existing roof?


Hi Jackett,

Thanks for your questions

To answer them:

  1. Currently we don’t have the option to install skylights in the roof - However this is a good suggestion and something we would like to include in the future.

To do it manually you can use the SketchUp rectangle tool or similar after selecting the face by left clicking to get to the base level of the component. (At this level the face should have blue dots across the surface instead of a blue bounding box.

Alternatively on our RubySketch library we have a list of ready made skylights which you can download here.

They are already in .SKP format and can be inserted after cutting the hole in the roof as above.

  1. Yes you can create a Gable Roof - However the option for a dutch gable isn’t included inside of PlusSpec yet.

To create a gable roof:

  • Select the roof then select the roof tool
  • Select the Roof Pitch Tool > :roof-pitch-tool:
  • Select the face you wish to convert to a gable.

Currently to create a dutch gable you will have to manually edit the roof inside SketchUp.

You can do this by drawing a line using the line tool across the roof where you would like to create the dutch gable and using the move tool to bring it inline.