Roof Truss

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I would like to ask how you go about modeling the Steel Trusses on PlusSpec and making them quantifiable. I am currently working on a Skillion Roof and would like to show the truss support and the flat ceiling underneath the truss.

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Currently Steel trusses are unable to be drawn using PlusSpec. You are able to model your trusses using SketchUp and still make them quantify.

First draw all of your trusses using native SketchUp. Make sure to make each truss a component.

Once they are drawn select one of your trusses so that it is highlighted. Once selected go to PlusSpec’s BIM Tool and fill out all the information.

Now do this for each Truss. Once each Truss has BIM go to the take-off tool and you will notice your Trusses.

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Would that be the same for Timber Trusses?

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Yes it would be :slight_smile:

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