Roof Trimming

Hi Grant, with this hip roof I wanted to trim it around the existing house and have used two planes to cut the roof plane ‘with selection’. it took a while to work out which group to explode the cutting planes into
but eventually It worked and then I was able to create the structure under it but perhaps I’ve been too clever. Now its time to edit the roof and include fascias, gutters, cappings and widen the eaves but it forgets all my hard work. I suspect I have to create all those parts at the beginning and trim all the roof parts one by one to get this working. Is there a better way?

Roof Question.jpg

Wait, I’ve got this working, there is a better way, use the edit roof tool. Change two faces to 90 degrees and boom.

Hi Arnold,

Thank you for your post.

I’m happy to hear you found a better way. In most situations the Roof Edit Tool is going to be your best friend. With it you can create gables and edit the pitch of the roof. In the next version there are a few new features and tools coming for the roof tools which will allow you to easily create more roof types.