roof tool

PlusSpec License: PlusDesignBuild
PlusSpec Version: PlusSpec 23.2
SketchUp Version: SketchUp 23
Computer Type: PC Windows 11
Profession: Builder

Hi support,

edit roof/add gable was working. Today when I highlight roof, Roof-edit roof/add gable. Select side off (dark Red) Edit roof pitch tab opens, Submit-nochange. If I use Reverse dutch, does work, add dutch gable does work.
Also looking for an auto dimension tool, have not located it.

I have reset to factory default several times. After a couple days the roof tool worked for a day or two, it is not working again. Currently the the gable or Dutch gable does not work. I’m just doing simple design. I can generate roof, seems to work correctly. Any edit does not work

Update, seems that with dutch gable if I place to close to soffit edge plusspec will not allow. If i move up 2.5-3 shingle rows for reference it functions correctly.

Thank you for your help, Jay

Hi Jay,

When using the Edit Pitch/Gable Tool, what change are you trying to make & is the roof edges parallel/perpendicular with each other? Please note that the tool will display the last used values & not the values used for the selected face when it’s first opened. Also, if the roof is slightly skewed it can cause gables to not be formed.

If you’re looking for an auto dimension tool, there is a feature within the Layout Tool which can auto-dimension a page. Please note that it’s currently only been set up to work for floor plans.

The reason the Dutch Gable/Multi-Pitch Tool isn’t working is likely because the point entered/selected is sitting within the eave. However, if you want to achieve this I would recommend placing the point for the dutch gable at the eave & then manually editing the geometry till you get the desired result. Please note that any manual edit will be reverted when a tool is used to edit the geometry (i.e. editing the roof using a PlusSpec tool).

Hi Jay, are you referring to wall frame or floor plan dimensioning?

The following image shows auto-dimensioning lightweight wall frames for wall panel details/shop drawings inside Sketchup and Layout 2D documents (PlusDesignBuild Only)