Roof Sheathing

Is roof sheathing an option in the roof tool?
I would like to specify a material, thickness, size, and cost.

Thank you.

Hi Steve01,

Thank you for your post.

What I would recommend to do to specify roof sheathing is to tick the ‘Include Sarking?’ field in the Roof Tools, then create a sheathing material in the ‘Sarking’ material field. This will estimate the area of roof sheathing you will need but won’t have a thickness to it.

To estimate the cost of the sheathing, select the roof after it’s created and select the Pricing Tool. Once the dialog appears the roof sheathing material you created will appear, then assign the prices to it and click the ‘Save and Update Price Data’ button. After you do this the prices will appear in the Takeoff.

Would you be able to please let me know if this works for you?

Steve01-2.jpgHi Grant,
Thank you for the reply, it is much appreciated.
I did explore your suggestion, it really does not solve the problem. Your work around creates an either/or solution where as one material or the other is accounted for in the material takeoff. I need a way to account for both without having to export the material takeoff to excel and then add materials after the fact. That’s way to inefficient and ripe for mistakes.
This same scenario applies to several areas throughout the building. As another work around, I did try using the Wall Surface Tool, and that has great potential. The problem comes as it is layered for internal areas only and reports material to the incorrect area of the takeoff. This then forces output to excel and unnecessary manual modification.

Can the Wall Surface Tool be modified to create and capture individual materials for exterior use and classification? From a materials perspective, this would allow many unique assemblies to be accounted for.

Is there any other means to capture additional material from the model?

I look forward to your timely reply.


Hi Steve01,

At the moment that’s the quickest way but as you said it’s an either/or situation. In the next version there will be the ability add add multiple materials to the same area (like you’re trying to do) and they will estimate separately.

What I would recommend to do in the interim is to modify and use the Wall Surface Tool to account for the materials that are missing or that can’t be added to the model at the moment.

There is one other way to get a material to estimate for any object that PlusSpec cannot generate or fully generate which is to apply the material (using the SketchUp Paint Bucket) in the same way that it’s applied in PlusSpec (i.e. if it’s applied to a group/component or a face then it needs to be applied there for the new geometry). This way you can create and use a material anywhere with PlusSpec, then reapply it to wherever it needs to go. Please note that the material needs to be a PlusSpec material (created if it’s not already there) and be used/drawn in the model first before it can be reapplied. The object or face where the material is applied will also need to be assigned to a layer for it to estimate in the correct location.

Would you be able to please let me now if either of these work for you?

Thank you Grant for the material paint idea and insight into the next version release, I will carry on with the quickest work around until then.



Read the comment and learnt a couple things in the process.

I am wanting to go another step further. That is to either have PV as the roofing or part of a roof. Also in a number of cases if we can have a separate layer that is the PV with framing that does not cover a whole roof. With the BOM tool, you can add it but does not calculate the area of PV. That has to be worked out separately


Hi Ian,

Thank you for you post.

I’ve written a response to one of your other forum posts which I believe will help you out here. I’ve put a link to the post below.

Would you be able to please let me know if this fixes the issue you’re having?

Hi all,

I just thought that I would let you know that sheathing has been added to the roof tools in PlusSpec 17 (which was released a few days ago). All you need to do is tick the ‘Include Sheathing?’ field and select or create a sheathing material and then click Submit and you will have sheathing in you model.

There are also dedicated scenes in PlusSpec 17 that show sheathing (after the structure scene).

Roofing systems, roof replacement, or even minor roofing repairs can be immensely costly. Although the materials can be expensive, the majority of the fees will go directly towards the labor and workmanship

You can tick the sheathing option inside the roof toolInclude Sheathing in estimate and in Sketchup model.jpg

You can also do similar in the wall tool and everything will be estimated.