roof question

Hi Dean
OK, how do I do this one?
I have 2 roofs that I want to combine to one.
first I start with 2 surfaces, pick both and say create roof
then I went to edit roof and picked the hip that (bottom right) and tried to make a gable but only the bit over the porch gabled, the rest stayed as a hip
I have then tried to move the ridge line over but it changes the roof pitch
Im lost, what do I do please

Hi Sam,

The first way that you are doing this is correct but the problem could be in the shape of the roof or the heights between. The best way for me to help you is for you to send me the model.

I have a few ideas on how to get this to work but I will really need to test on the model. If you could email me the model I will help you out.

Kind Regards