roof question

Hi guys
I have a porch roof that is 344 higher than house roof but all connected. I created 2 faces and when making the roof clicked both and the roof was made…but…not exactly how I wanted it
roof top.jpg
roof up.jpg

how can I make it look like the blue line i have very badly sketched in
thanks Sam

Hi Sam,

This has to be done by manually editing the roof and it is quite easy. I have done a few quick steps below. If you want it to be 100% correct you can follow my way but you will have to do more cutting and so on.

  1. Edit the roof pitch of the side facing the the rest of the roof like shown below. To do this select the small roof that you are going to edit and then right-click> +Roof> Edit Roof Pitch and then select the side you need.

Edit Roof Pitch.jpg

  1. A PlusSpec dialogue box will appear asking you for a Pitch and Gable Overhang. We are going to keep the pitch as 90 but change the Gable overhang to 0mm.

Edit Roof Pitch 2.jpg

  1. Now we want to keep selecting on the roof face until the blue dots appear. Once the blue dots appear we then want to select only the two front lines. See below.

Edit Roof.jpg

  1. Now select SketchUps Move tool and move the two lines until where they join hit the face of the main roof just like below.

Edit Roof Moving Lines.jpg

  1. Now we need to edit the top capping so that it is drawn correctly. To do this keep clicking on the top capping until the blue dots appear all over it. Once they have appeared go through and select only the front lines of the capping. Check below.

Editing Capping.jpg

  1. Now do the same as step 4 but we want to do this for the capping. Move the capping until it reaches the main roof face. See below.

Editing Capping 2.jpg

Now we are finished. If you want more accuracy all you have to do is go in and edit even further.

Roof Edit.jpg

Kind Regards