Roof Problems

I’m having trouble creating gable roofs with valleys. The roof tool is very good at creating new hip roofs but to change a roof it lacks options. How would I create a gable for part the length of a wall Please see attached file for further explanation. I’m having a lot of trouble joining two roofs together and creating a valley. The attached is a basic roof but if I were to draw a more complex roof I’m concerned how hard this would be. I’ve tried following the process Andrew showed for creating larger eaves but I found myself getting in a bit of a mess.

Can you also advise me how to put a window in the gable as the window will only go as high at the wall height not the gable


Gable Valley Roof problem .jpg

Hi Mate,
Re. Window into Gable end.

I just done a small studio that needed a Gable End window.
Using the wall split tool I split the end wall into 3 separate walls. The ‘middle’ wall being a bit wider than the window width.
The 2 ‘outer’ walls stayed unchanged with their heights but I used the skillion ends rather than the Gable Ends. One left skillion and one right skillion.
The remaining ‘middle’ wall became a higher wall height with the required associated head height. This wall became the only wall with a Gable End.
This allowed me to drop in the window at the higher head as needed.

Hope this helps,

Cheers Matt

Hi Guys,

Mike - With option 1 if you edit the roof using normal SketchUp you will find this very easy to do. You have to remember that all of SketchUps main base tools are compatible with PlusSpec and are recommended to use for bigger and more complicated buildings.

Thank you for posting Matt, Your reply is very effective and is a great work around for now. We have also updated our component tool with the latest update and added a gable window in. It is only a dynamic component meaning that it wont be in the main window tool but after you do Matts trick you can insert the window and it is dynamic meaning that there are options that you can change to make them change sizes automatically.

Kind Regards

Thanks Guys I’ll give it a go.

With regard to sketchup tools and plusspec I’ve been having trouble drilling down through the groups to find the right spot to alter. I seem to end up with lines in the wrong places, faces deleted when they shouldn’t be. Any tips would be helpful

Oh by the way I love the new roof framing tool



Hi Mike,

You will get used to the drilling down through the components, When you need to drill down just keep clicking on the selected area you want to edit and you will notice that blue dots will appear. This now means that you are now on the bottom layer of that component and you can now edit the face. This is the best way to start and is very easy when editing roofs.

Thats great to hear :slight_smile: Glad you love it. More tools that are even better are coming, stay tuned!

Kind Regards