Roof insulation

PlusSpec License: PlusDesignBuild
PlusSpec Version: PlusSpec 23.2
SketchUp Version: SketchUp 22
Computer Type: PC Windows 11
Profession: Designer/Draftsperson


How do I see material in any of the roof tools like sheathing, insulation etc.? I have these checked but nothing shows up once the roof is created, only blue faces.

There is no thickness to any of the internal items and some like insulation don’t show at all. I will need these thicknesses for the section cuts. I also tried to find the single and two story vignettes referenced in the vignette videos but I can’t find them anywhere (to see if those internal items show up there). I consider myself very proficient in Sketchup but I’m not sure why I am struggling with this program and where to find information.


Hi Jason, thanks for asking. Like anything, knowing where to look is the key to improving. When I started Sketchup, I did not know how to do an array for the first 12 months; it’s all part of the learning process… Stick with it, mate. It gets easier.
Here is how to add Sheathing to your roof and how to change the blue colour:

  1. Tick the "Include Sheathing button in the roof tool above “rafter height.”
  2. Click the Chevron drop-down button next to “Materials selection and finishes” to change roof materials
  3. Scroll down until you see the Blue material next to Sarking/Underlay and either change the material
  4. if you’d like a different material that is not in your library, create a material or select none. Note these materials are shown in the Sketchup model as a single face and tehy are placed on a Layer/Tag, and they are also quantified in the BOQ. If you are making material, ensure you name it as per the product you want to quantify: EG TYVEK 6ftx60ft roll
  5. To add sheathing, choose a material in the “Sheathing” section of materials. Remember if you do not have the radio button ticked in 1. it will not show.
  6. Click the submit button to draw your roof.
    Add sheething to a roof in PlusSpec PlusDesignBuild or PlusArchitect BIM VDC BOQ plugin for Sketchup.png

The reason you see blue is because of the material selected in the “Sarking/Underlay” section. You can change this by clicking the drop-down menu, or if you want to add your custom colour or texture EG Tyvek, use the “Create manage” button.

You are not seeing sheathing: I guess that you have not ticked the Sheathing button (above rafter height) SEE IMAGE

Thicknesses to materials: Items like Tyvek or membranes are generally only represented with a line in cross-section detail and a thin face in PlusSpec/Sketchup; I generally use a dashed and dotted line in 2D my crosssection hatches and save them as a scrapbook item in Layout. However, if I wanted to show it in 3D, I use my Tags (layers) and turn off what I did not want to see
turning sheathing on and off in 3d.gif

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Here is how to find and open a pre-loaded PlusSpec, PlusArchitect or PlusDesignBuild vignette:

  1. Go to the question mark in the main toolbar :help-tool: (See GIF Video below)
  2. Hover over help and support
  3. Hover over Check out a demo model & Left-click the one you want
  4. You will be prompted to save your existing Sketchup model
    5 Your Vignette or demo model will load automatically in a NEW Sketchup file. You can now right-click and create similar
    How to find Vignettes in PlusSpec, PlusDesignBuild and PlusArchitect BIM VDC BOQ plugin for Sketchup.gif