Roof Framing Tool

Roof Frameing Tool.skp (711 KB)
I am having problems with roof framing tool. I have version 1.3.3.The roof framing tool is on my layers,I can click on walls & generate roof from walls it will generate the face on top of the wall but will not generate the roof timbers even after i have submitted the details & submitted. I have followed the tutorial many times. But still no roof timbers.
Roof Frameing Tool.skp (711 KB)


What process are you using? I downloaded your model and was able to use the framing tool to generate a roof structure the normal was as shown in tutorials.

Check image below.

Roof Framing For Forum.jpg

Roof Framing For Forum 2.jpg

Kind Regards

Hi Dean
Thanks for the reply, I use the same process as the tutorial but still will not generate the timber roof structure.

Regards Mike

Hi Mike,

Is this the video tutorial you are using ?

If you skip to 2:40 it will take you through and in depth tutorial on the roof framing tool.

Please email me - and if you could send me a video or a few screen captures of your process I will be able to help you out in more depth.

Kind Regards