Rim joist unclad

Hi team,

I have my floor trusses and floors on a separate layer. However, this leaves the rim joist unclad. how can I add cladding to the rim joists the same way that it does with a clad wall? Thanks. - Keith

Hi Keith,

There isn’t an option to add the flooring material to the side(s) of the trusses/joists. However, here are a few ways to achieve the result you’re after.

  1. Adjust the clad wall skin by either dropping or raising the external skin (depending on whether the upper or lower is to be adjusted) via the dropdown or dropoff fields in the Manual Overrides section.
  2. Use the Wall Surface Tool to draw in the cladding. Note: You may need to create a material.
  3. Manually draw the geometry & then apply the materials either via the SketchUp Paint Bucket or the Custom Estimation Tool (note: this is a PlusDesignBuild version feature).

Screenshots are always helpful.

To clad over your floor joist adjust the step-down in the wall above or increase the dropoff in the wall below by making it a negative figure.
cover joist with cladding in PlusSpec PlusDesignBuild and PlusArchitect.gif