Ridge Capping and Fascia Problems

I have the student version of plusspec and it’s all updated running through 2015 sketchup make.
But i’m having a few plusspec roofs problems; first, my roof capping is not connecting to the roof or other capping sections, and second, my fascia seems to be showing translucent.
I have played around with display modes, facing modes, styles and options for the component and so far nothing is fixing these issues.
Is there a way to fix these issues?

fascia and capping plusspec.jpg


Please try use our instant roof tool. The instant roof tool is compatible with all of PlusSpec unlike our standard roof tool which you have used here. We are currently updating our standard roof tool as there are a few small problems with it.

You can find a tutorial to the instant roof tool at the link below. The second tutorial is called ‘instant roof’. Watch that tutorial


Kind Regards