Resolving Roof Planes

Here is a skillion attaching to a pitched roof a little way up. How would you go about resolving these? Is it a matter of clicking into each group to edit and then the same with the structure?

Roof Planes 6.jpg

Hi Arnold,

Thank you for your post.

There are two ways that this can be resolved, which I’ve explained below.

  1. When you’re drawing the skillion roof use the Ctrl key (for Windows) or Command (for Mac) to toggle the eave overhang. This will toggle the overhang to either be 0 (the roof will line up with the pitching point) or the measurement that’s entered in the dialog.

  2. After the skillion roof has been drawn, manually edit the geometry of the roof with native SketchUp tools to get your desired result.

Would you be able to please let me know if these work for you?

Thanks Grant, I can click in and make whatever changes but its tricky, you need to be thinking because I found that if I want to make an edit like raked eave instead of boxed, the customising work is undone. Poof!

Hi Arnold,

At the moment that’s how the software works, however you will be happy to know that in the next version there will be options to change the eave type along with fascia options and more.

What I would recommend to do in the future is to try and finalise as many materials and values for PlusSpec objects as possible before you do any manual edits, that way the edits will not be removed or redone as often.