Rendering your BIM for presentation or design iteration.

I rarely talk about photo-realistic rendering, as my primary goal has always been to make designing, construction, detailing & estimating easier…
[attachment=0]4 PlusArchitect PlusDesignBuild plugin for Sketchup rendered in Diffusion.png[/attachment]
As technology advances, there comes a time when some things change. Today, the advancement of AI enables all PlusSpec, PlusArchitect and PlusDesignBuild users to create quality renders at design conception without leaving Sketchup or knowing anything about 3D rendering. At this early stage of Sketchups Diffusion development, I would use these renders to help me make more “arty design decisions”. Guys, I know so many amazing architects and building designers who leave me in their dust; this technology enables people like me to play in a similar arena, which makes me feel a bit empty, really…
Guys, there is a lot I can add, yet I will leave it here because I’d like to hear what you think. Is it a threat? Is it a benefit?
I designed and built the following home some 10 years ago. Pictures 1 to 6 are actual photos of the build. Earlier today It took me 2.5 minutes to create nine renders, and I did not leave Sketchup.
[attachment=1]Photo realistic rendering PlusSpec PlusDesignBuild PlusArchitect plugin for Sketchup.jpg[/attachment]