Good afternoon,

I’m looking at doing some rendered concepts for a few clients.
I usually just use the Sketchup and Layout renders. These are ok for the majority (99.9%) of work but it would be nice to do some higher quality ones. Probably for the personal enjoyment and accomplishment but still great for a client or two.

What do other PlusSpec user’s use and why?
The Maxwell for Sketchup seems quite reasonable and cheap. I’ve never used Photoshop at all but this also seems to do a fair job as well by the look of it.



Hi Matt,

Thea render is very easy to use and get started with. Takes very little time to learn and is fairly cheap. All rendering can also be done inside of SketchUp.

My recommendation is Thea Render but there are others like SU Podium that are also pretty good.

Kind Regards

Having tried several, the best one I’ve found is Indigo Render - it comes either as the full package or a less cost Indigo RT version and works with SU and Plusspec.

I’m not on commission!

Great to hear that you were able to find the best suited rendering software for yourself :slight_smile:

Kind Regards

I recommend that you take a look at Lumion 3D.