Remove bottom plate with Door Tool

Hi there!
It would save a ton of time, if the bottom wall plate would be removed when a door is inserted.
Currently the only thing I know to do is open up the wall group and use Sketchup tools to remove the plate at each door opening.
If a change is made to the wall, bottom plate reappears, and the process has to be repeated.
Love to see this in a future update!

Hi Matt,

Thank you for your post. One way to hide it is to create your door in the wall, then use the Scene Tool (Camera icon) then click on the Struct off tab

Let us know if this helps.

Kind regards,

Thanks for the reply Alyssa.

The method you describe works well when there are cladding and finishes on the wall. But, I am creating scenes for our houses that just show the framing.
That’s where I have to manually remove all the bottom plates to make the wall framing look accurate.

Here is a screenshot of a typical scene I make for interior framing.
Interior Framing.png

Hi MattA,

Currently the only method of removing the bottom plate for door openings for the result you’re after is doing what you’re already doing. However, I will take your suggestion back to the development team for further discussion.

Please note that if you manually edit the bottom plate to remove the portion for the door opening the takeoff will only estimate one length & it will be the longest length of bottom plate.

The bottom plate is always in a frame when it is installed, and it is only cut out after the frame is installed; if the bottom plate is removed from the frame and a BOQ is done, the carpenters will be short on material onsite. This is the reason we don’t do what you are asking, we will have more issues if this feature is added than if it is not so I have to say this is unlikely to be added sorry Matt