Release Date

Ive been watching with interest since I saw your PlusSpec video on Youtube but have not seen a release date. I understand this is now available in October can you please confirm this.

We will be releasing a pre release version in Sydney on the 24th of October. This is available Australia only at this stage.

Will you be able to install the software on a desktop and a laptop? Meaning…is this a roaming licence or is this node locked to the machine it is intalled on? And will this be compatible for th the new Sketchup 2014 free and Pro versions?



Good question. Seems this is the way many licenses are working and I find it a good way.


HI Guys at the moment the license is per computer, if you use 2 computers to work remotely contact us directly and we will come up with a solution that works for your individual circumstances.
PlusSpec will work in Sketchup Make (free) and Sketchup Pro.
PlusSpec work inside of Sketchup 14 yet there is a n issue we are waiting Sketchup to fix as we have found it depends on where you load Sketchup 14 from. We have created a youTube video on this.
Windows 7 Sketchup 2014 Fix or Windows 8 Sketchup 2014 Fix for PlusSpec