Reinforced Concrete Members

Hi. Good day! I’m still very new to this software. I like PlusSpec because the software is more simplified compared to other BIM softwares. And now I’m still exploring the software (PlusSpec). My question is, Can we can add parametric reinforced concrete members (RC Beams, RC Columns, etc.) to our building designs in PlusSpec? If yes, how? Your replies will be highly appreciated. Thank you for reading.


Currently PlusSpec does not have reinforced members included in the software. We do have plans for parametric reinforced members to be added for the future.

For now you can draw up your reinforced members and then use the BIM Tool to give the component attributes that can then be used for estimation and BIM.

I have attached a screen capture below on an example I quickly created. The whole beam is drawn using SketchUp tools and then I used to BIM Tool to add BIM and so that I can estimate the beam.

Reinforced Concrete Beam.jpg

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