Regular Sketchup File to PlusSpec

Hi All,
I had a house we are building done in Sketchup Pro 2018 and wanted it transferred to PlusSpec 2018?
Is this possible?
Or, do I have to regenerate the house in PlusSpec?
Please advise on how you would handle this issue.
I greatly appreciate you time.
Many Thanks

Good Day James,

Thanks for reaching out.

Models created in SketchUp cannot be transferred into the PlusSpec format. To achieve what you are asking, you will need to redraw your model using the PlusSpec tools.

Thank you and have a great day.

James, It would be very easy to trace the model as you already have all of the sizes. Once you use PluSpec you will see why, basically PlusSPec automates the layers, the styles, the scenes and organises your model. Basic Sketchup geometry is just lines with no intelligence other than a 3d representation and a texture if you have added one. In saying this it depends what you want to do with the model, if you just want to create elevations PlusSpec will create elevations & 2d plans from a standards Sketchup model. Tip use the scene tool. :scene-gen: If you want to use PlusSpec to generate a bill of materials or a cut list you will need to redraw.