REDEFINE WALL tool: how to avoid door displacement?

How can I keep a door position UNAFFECTED by wall length amendments using this redefine tool???
As a designer who modifies elements a number of time, it is infuriating that careful modelling is lost when using the 'redefine wall ’ tool.
It is such a waste of time to have to re-position the doors (and windows for that matter, too). Also, the custom colour of door and door frame is lost. How can custom colour settings be retained?

Please see the attached pix for a demonstration what happened.

Hi Henrik, the issue you are having is because the door is placed in a position from the end of a wall (your first mouse click when drawing) , you will notice if you move the other end of the wall the door will stay in the same place. Right-click Split wall is the easiest way to move forward if you need to redefine the wall from the starting position. Yet I am not sure why you do not simply draw the next wall in instead of redefining or stretching a wall? The technical reason you would add another wall is that the internal lining needs a verticle member to fix to. If for some reason ( I suggest you do not as it will save frustration) you do decide to redefine a wall and it does move window or door you can move windows and doors quickly and you do not have to keep opening the tool, simply hover over the opening and type in the distance that you redefined the wall.

PlusSpec and PlusDesignBuild are both VDC software packages, sure you can use them for drafting yet having the drawing buildable is the key, and the reason to charge more for your services and why Builders will pay you to draw. To builders a BOQ is very valuable and also a VDC model helps solve issues.

I hope that helps.