Rectangular ducting for MEP tool

Is adding rectangular HVAC ducting on the development roadmap? We use a lot of rectangular duct work in North America. MEP only seems to do round stuff.

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Yes I’ll second that. You can change the number of sides to 4 in the dialog yet it is square and 45 degrees to the blue axis. @Andrew

It is doable, so I’ll add it to the development list for PlusDesignBuild and PlusArchitect. We have a lot in the works, so I doubt it will be in the next few releases. However, changing the axis of the 4-sided square should really be done more quickly.

What is the “standard” or most common rectangular duct size? We will pre set a default. I assume it is 12" high by 18", and the order will be 12x18 or 18x12?
The tool will have the ability to change the sizes.

There’s not really a standard for it as it’s sized based on the requisite CFM for the HVAC system and flow loss, so having it configurable by the user would probably be the best bang for buck. And they’ll usually reduce in size the longer the run goes. This is done by either a 4-sided (concentric?) taper to a smaller duct size or by adding a stepping-wedge on one side to bring it down to the narrower duct size (gives a flat plane on one side of the duct run, but a stepped look on the other).

Here’s a link to some of the adapters. I think if you were to do reducers, I’d just stick with the concentric type and stepped type for a first pass.

Hi Andrew, It’s height by width is the standard when designing or purchasing. is a good reference as a manufacturer -useful diagrams on the first pages of their catalogue.