Recipes for materials and labour. Export and Import on Different Device

Hi There Plus spec team,
I’m trying to reach out to see if you guys still had a function to be able export material and labour recipes simply. From one device to another.

There had been a period of time in the past where this worked brilliantly, and you had an extension for it. I know recently you have tried to create a template feature for it etc.

however I haven’t had any success with this, I know it saves on the computer app data roaming of the computer it is created on initially and doesn’t trail with the plus spec account. Are you able to assist where we can transfer to a different computer?

E.g I decide to work from my laptop I can just import the latest version of my desktop saved file. and continue on with all of my saved information as normal, not have complete blank fields of information and just the material information trails.

Hoping to get a solution asap so I can continue with my estimating for project off my laptop working remotely.


Hi Mitch, mate the dev team are working on an upgrade now, I hope to have it by Wednesday.