Rafter tool

Hi team,

Have created a roof frame under a roof. The rafter ends protrude out past the fascia and can’t be adjusted using the edit roof framing option.
Hope you can help, thanks John

Hi John,

This is because the roof overhangs into the gutter & since this is the geometry used to generate the roof framing the rafters start there & not where the fascia is. We do have a change coming for this but there isn’t an ETA just yet.

In the meantime, I would recommend following this process:

  1. Click into the base geometry of the roof face. Note: This is the same place where you select the roof to generate the roof framing.
  2. Trace along the fascia using the SketchUp Line Tool. Note: Another face may appear under the roof when all fascia have been traced, which should be deleted.
  3. Select the roof face(s) & generate the roof framing.

Hi John, the reason you are seeing the rafters protrude through the fascia is that they have been created from the roof cladding, which actually overhangs the fascia by 50mm or 2 inches.
I am not sure what version of PlusSpec you are using? if it is the latest version you will see a checkbox that enables you to override this, and PlusDesignBuild and PlusArchitect will automatically deduct the overhang of the roof into the gutter and create the rafters to work with the fascia. Yet if you are using an older version I suggest using the sheeting or the sarking to create the rafters. You may need to lift the rafters up after drawing unless you have set your batten or sheeting depth to zero. I hope that helps.