rafter tool, strut tool not working

I’ve tried everything I know to make this run/work but the ‘spinning wheel of death’ :laughing: keeps on going forever!

Arrrgh, the spinning wheel of death is my nemesis! Sorry to hear it @Dynomax
Hey, can you tell me a little more?
I tested it on my rig, and it is working so it would be good to know what is happening on your end.
This image shows how I create special Struts, special rafters and under purlins from points.
Creating underpurlins special rafters and struts from points in PlusSpec suingteh roof tool.jpg

Are you using a Mac or PC?
Do you get a ruby console error? Go to Extensions>Devloper>Ruby Console and then redraw the strut. If it produces a code, copy and paste it into your response? That will help us fix it if it is a bug
Are you drawing side a group?

In the interim, you can use the Beam tool and then right-click the member > Extend or split (its probably faster, especially if you are drawing multiple to reach multiple under purlins). You may want to change the layer to 17B_roof_frame if you are using it to estimate your roof members.