Rafter, Strut and Purlin not being taken off

Hi guys,

I was modeling a roof yesterday and found that when drawing purlins and struts through the alternatives option at the bottom of the rafter tool they are not appearing within the takeoff. All other roof framing is being quantified.

Has anyone else found this or know why it may be happening.


I’ll check it out. My guess is they’re there but under a different category.
Can you right click a strut use takeoff selected?
Let me know if that works.

Hi, I’ve tried right clicking and takeoff selected but they still don’t come up.

I see. Can you share the model I’ll have a look at what’s going on.

Just so you know the beam tool is faster to use and more versatile as you can extend split add change sizes with the right click menu. You can also name the member and best of all the quantities will come out in the advanced takeoff add that mays it easier to have cut lists and order lists.
Are you currently using advanced takeoff?

This error should be fixed in the latest version @Grant

Thanks guys, appreciate it

The update is live, mate.