Questions about a few things

Hi have a few questions
1- how do I properly input fractions say for a wall height of 7’-6 1/2". Meaning exact way it needs to be typed into the submit panels
2- when do we know if there’s an available update to the software as the EVERYTHINGS OK splash screen doesn’t indicate a version number I bought plus spec a few weeks ago is there any update you need to have a check for updates radio button somewhere please
3- I notice I really can’t use this yet in USA as your software isn’t drawing any structure correctly meaning a 2x4 isn’t actually that size its 1 1/2" x 3 1/2" same goes for any of the other choices we have
4- you claim commercial design but I see no metal stud option no metal building option including wall and roof purlins and main steel carrying trusses no roof truss option in roof framing no open web wood trusses no metal bar joists no metal pan for topping of bar joists no metal standing seam metal roofing no steel beams nor paralam or lvl beams of wood again all these items need to be modeled to USA specs regarding sizes
The wall framing isn’t quite as we do it here in the USA as well the horizontal bracing is generally set at plywood sheathing seams meaning IRC code calls for blocking of seams the blocking should be user definable also I see no bridging as required between floor joist bays either solid wood blocks or metal braces also required every maximum 8’ oc at all joist bays. Also required fireblockings.
Please let me know if these things are being worked on and will be implemented soon as it sits right now it’s pretty unusable for a real set of production drawings at least here in the USA
Thanks look forward to a response.

Simply add as a decimal as you would in Skethcup

This is there now thanks for asking, it is a good question. See the bottom of the splash screen and it will tell you when there is an update. Go back and log in and download the latest version at almost everything you have asked for is there.

If you choose to add 2x4 you can simply add your own materials if you have a timber mill or a size that is not standard EG add image and type in the sixes 4.4*2.38777 or anything. The reality is that 2x4 is the nominal size rough sawn cut size. We buy actual finish size from the retailer. In this day and age timber is Dressed All Round (DAR) and the actual size of 2x4 is 1 1/2" x 3 1/2". It is a common mistake that many make which makes it difficult for the builder to mark out your drawings onsight. It is generally understood that 2x4 is 1 1/2" x 3 1/2" yet as mentioned feel free to override the default with which ever size suits you preference. You will only have to do this once as PlusSpec will save for later. It is a simple drag and drop once you choose the image and associate the size.

You can create what ever you want in the create material section. In the new component tool you can select “hot rolled steel” UB , PFC RHS etc, connection points can be done with the BIM tool :bim-tool: and saved to your library. Don’t forget, you are using Sketchup, you can create what ever you want and save and quantify it in PlusSpec. TIP don’t forget to add in all of the information before you save you to your component library.

You can add sheeting in the wall materials section. You can remove blocking by deselecting “nogs” in the timber section of the wall tool. Or can manually move them to suit the join of the brace board for nailing. Personally I think the best wya to do tihs is to turn off the nogging and change teh stud spacing and run the board vertically, is easier for the carpenter and uses less material. (obviously as long as your OSB is long enough to reach the top plate) no matter which way you go the quantity of material will be correct.
As far as blocking goes in joists I was un aware you guys still used bridging, we removed bridging blocks 10 years ago as it was a common cause of squeaking in floors and made it difficult to run plumbing, drainage & air-conditioning ducting through the floor joists. A work around is select perimeter beam in the joist tool then triple click the perimeter beam and move the beam to the 8" or what ever spacing suits you best. The quantities will be the same regardless. Another work around would be to create a standard block and save it to your components and use the array functionality (M+ Ctrl) in Skethcup.

Hi Steven, I can make a video on this yet I think training is really what you need. If you could upload a model here we can have a look and set a time to do some one on one. You will get the most out of PlusSPec once you do this. I really appreciate you asking these question as a lot of these items were implemented due to this post. We will continue to do our best to get you more. I am sure you will like the roof rafter tools that are coming next week. They will save you and the trades person hundreds if not thousands of hours.

Please download the latest version, the tutorials are built in the tools which will save you a lot of heart ache. :smiley:
I look forward to hearing from you soon, it is great to have another professional builder onboard.