Question for Andrew: PlusSpec and the future of SKUP


I am very interested in PlusSpec. I am a graduate architect (soon to be registered) - and also run my own design company. For the last two years, I have used SKUP solely, for all of my work (and have been using it for over the last 6 years as my main design tool) . This plug-in is definitely how I always envisioned SKUP to evolve.

I have two questions: Can you please clarify the pricing. I understand that the Pre-release is valued at $395, for an annual subscription, which will enable access to all product updates that occur within that 12 month licence (as well as ongoing support). Will the pricing stay at $395.00, or will it increase?

Secondly, it is my understanding that you met with Trimble, and that they were quite receptive to PlusSpec. As we all know, Timble has announced that the next addition of SKUP will maintain SKUP Make, but will also become industry specific (releasing versions for architects, engineers, wood-makers, etc) making it a full package software (construction documentation, etc). My question is this: From your discussions with Trimble and the SKUP team, will this next SKUP update make PlusSpec obsolete? Or, do you see Trimble integrating it? Or, do you think the next release of SKUP will have no negative impact on PlusSpec and what it offers?

Again, I am a big fan of PlusSpec - and whatever the future holds, this is the catalyst for change. Sketchup is the future! I look forward to hearing your thoughts.



Who knows what Trimble will do… What we have now its just the beginning and what we have coming is even better. If Trimble decide to copy what we have done I would see it as a compliment.
I will always know and so will our loyal users. In my opinion Sketchup is fantastic and to date, so too is Trimble. I’m not sure if you can tell yet Plusspec had been created by designers, architects and builders. We have the benefit of using the actual software we create in the field and we do real time testing. If Trimble decide to copy I’ll deal with that then and there. Currently the Sketchup community is the best community I’ve been involved with and at this time I’m happy to continue working together.
It is inevitable that the cost of Plusspec will go up in the future yet there will be a grandfather clause for our loyal early adopters. Let’s see how the next 6 months pan out. I guarantee that early adopters will be looked after and will always be.
Thanks for your kind remarks and I’m site you’ll love what we have coming in the near future…

I did meet with the management of Sketchup and they personally and clearly mentioned they are not interested in taking Sketchup to the level we have. So for the foreseeable future you guys get to take advantage of the power and simplicity that Plusspec and Sketchup have to offer.

That is good to know.

Personally, I think this plug-in is amazing - and it really has the potential to be a game-changing tool. How long will one be eligible for the ‘grandfather clause’? I will definitely be purchasing soon.

Also, can you give us an ETA for the roof tool being updated (structural roof elements)?



Can you please provide link to the source for that announcement. Thank you.

ETA on roof tool is 2-3 Months (Working on something else that’s going to add some awesome features to the plugin :slight_smile:

I’d also like a link to this StudioAware! :slight_smile: