Question about Wall tool

I wanted to ask why the wall tool doesn’t have the option to add insulation on each preset? I’m working on a simple 2x4 frame with drywall on both interior and exterior walls, however, there isn’t the option to add insulation on the preset. Is there a way to add this manually? It’s kind of annoying not being able to customize the layers of your walls accordingly. As you know, wall details always differ from project to project. Can you please help? Thank you!


Hi alyssa22,

If you install the live version & use the ‘Internal Only’ wall type there should be a material field (should be the third field in the Materials section) that allows you to add insulation to the wall.

Why don’t you simply associate a recipe with the wall lining EG. 1m2 of wall lining = 0.5 of insulation? Or if you want to be exact you would reduce the insulation by the thickness of stud and bottom plate.
Regardless insulation is in the internal wall, but still, I am not sure why you want to physically see it?