Question about .bvx format

Does plusspec have the ability to export cutting files in .BVX format?
The .bvx files allow for our hundegger saws to cut timbers.

Thanks, Ben

Not that I’m aware of. You can export a csv as a cut list. Does Hundegger have a csv import?

While hundegger doesn’t have the ability to read csv files directly we have managed to convert them to bvx format.

I see; I assume you can also export a BVX as a CSV? If so, could you send a copy of an export to the PlusSpec office so we can have a look?
Ideally, it was a 90x45 wall frame 4.2m long with a wall height of 2440mm @Andrew is there anything else?

I do not see any reason we cannot export a BVX; the issue is knowing what to export, where and when, and in which order so that it works with the Hundegger saw in the factory.
In saying that, simply exporting a cut list per wall would probably be just as quick and save spending a million dollars on a particular saw.

If multiple people ask for BVX export, we will put it into development in order of priority. If a particular company requires a special development request or priority development, they can reach out to our office, and we can give them a price indication to research the individual requirements of that business. :+1: