project/join lost

The windows are being deleted after using the tool “project and join walls”.
How can I use the tool whilst retaining the elements embedded in the wall (windows)?

Thanks for your reply

See attached pix
windows lost.JPG

Hi Henrik, thanks for asking, and that is an easy one to answer;
The answer to keeping windows and doors in the same location when push-pulling an adjacent wall or extending a wall using the redefine tool :

Windows and doors will no longer delete; they may move to match the wall you moved. If you don’t want this to happen, you have two options:
A) Push Insert on your keyboard, and it will add an adjacent wall between existing a new (note the text help at the base of the screen when you activate the function)

B) Split the wall using the right-click menu and then push-pull the wall.
How to push-pull a wall with windows and doors and keep the windows the same distance form the end of the wall:

  1. Right-click the wall
  2. hover over “+walls”
  3. hover over “+ wall operations”
  4. left click “Split wall”
  5. Click on the end of the wall closest to the end you want to push-pull and push Enter on your keyboard. (For buildability reasons, don’t click inside a junction or within the header extent of the frame if using a frames wall, as there needs to be room for these studs)
  6. Now you can push wall eh adjacent wall.
    PlusSpec used to (but no longer) removes the windows or doors because PlusSpec did not know if you want them to follow the extended wall or stay in the existing position. I think you’ll find the adjustments to be an improvement.

Henrik, There is a video on the Plusspec Youtube channel. My tip is always to look for text at t the bottom of Sketchup first. If that does not work, see the video tutorial or hover image help in orange. If that does not help Google search " how to ________ in PlusSpec" You will see a video tutorial come up, and that will save you a heap of time.
If, for some reason, the video does not answer your question, add the question to the Youtube video or post it here as you did. The Youtube comment /question is preferred though.
This image shows where to find help fast.How hard is it to learn and how long does it take to learn PlusSpec PlusArchitect or PlusDesignBuild.jpg