Project and Join: Situation where this doesn't seem to work

Please see attached 2014 skp file.
Then two sets of wall were drawn separately such that they “touched” each other at their common corners. The two adjacent walls, one from each set, were selected and then a “Project and Join” was performed. Their corners were not projected.

I tried to attach the skp file but it seems .SKP’s are not allowed
BUG, Project and Join walls.png

Hi John,

I’ve just tested this to try and replicate it.

After drawing the first walls in a Clockwise direction - and then drawing the second set of walls in an anti-clockwise direction i was able to reproduce the error.

However, when i drew the second set of walls in a Clockwise direction i was able to Join the corners successfully.

As a rule of thumb always draw your walls in the same Clockwise Direction.

Let me know how you go!



I’ve enabled uploading SKP files to the forum. Please try to keep file size as small as possible by removing unnecessary elements and running the purge tool ( :purge-tool: ) before saving (use File > Save a copy as to avoid accidentally changing your saved files)

Thank you, Daniel.
I followed your recommendation of always going in a clockwise direct and Project and Join worked as intended .

Suggeston: It might helpful when using the wall tool to have an arrow graphic appear (showing the direction in which a wall was originally created) when mousing of over an existing wall and perhaps a guide point at the bottom of the existing wall to aid the user in accurately aligning a new wall to the existing wall.

Excellent suggestion John - I’ll add it to the list! Thank you!