Proficient PlusSpec user available for hire


My name is Lauren Jay and I have been using PlusSpec for almost 3 years now.

I am a qualified Building Designer in Australia. I enjoy using PlusSpec as I have seen it bring buildings and structures to life in a way that is unforeseeable on a piece of paper.

I would like to offer my abilities in PlusSpec for hire to any Architect or builder requiring a 3D model.

My work ranges from simple models traced from a DWG. to detailed developments that require furnishing and textures

if interested please do not hesitate to contact me on

Ph: 0431 678 220

Below, are a few snapshots of my work

Kind Regards
Lauren Jay
Montage View 4.JPG
Concept Montage 1.JPG

are you still available for hire?

Excellent work, Lauren. Are you just modelling for others, creating 2D drawings from the model for council submission, or do you also create estimates for builders?