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After searching for a very long time I have eventually found out how much it costs for PlusSpec.

First question:
Why is the price such a mystery to get hold of? I had to sign up and “agree” to all sorts, including buying it without knowing a price!!! It was only when the credit card info popped up I was shown the price.

Second Question:
What happens after the first year subscription runs out and I don’t renew? Does it stop working? Does it limit some functions? I can’t find any info on any of the above questions anywhere.


Hey GWA,

The price for PlusSpec is $395 yearly subscription per machine. I will be putting a price up today.

The price includes $395 to get continues updates and support for PlusSpec. Once your subscription runs out you will no longer be able to use the software until you purchase a new subscription.


Well that’s me not buying it then, Autodesk don’t even pull them strokes…

No wonder its all a bit of a secret…


Thanks for the feedback and we take it all on board. We are not suggesting we have got it right from the onset but we do feel like we are providing a very valuable product for a very reasonable price.
If we charge the product at a similar price to Autodesk then I guess we probably wouldn’t do it this way either however those that have seen and used the product have been very positive in their response to our pricing.
In regard to things being a secret I would like to again apologize for the inconvenience in you having to search for things. This was not done intentionally and as you can see we have adjusted this accordingly. We haven’t got it completely right at this point but we are doing everything we can and this feedback helps. Thanks again for your time.

Hi Guys, I just thought I would chime in here. It is kind of funny, the people that are actually using PlusSpec are asking why we are charging so little… If you have not used PlusSpec it is difficult to understand how powerful it is. I am sorry it does not suit you GWA yet it is not possible to keep all the people happy all of the time. I am sure if you used it your opinion would be different, until you do so I do not think it is appropriate to comment. If you don’t like it simply request your money back with the 30 day money back guarantee. I know that Revit and Archicad would gladly charge you $6+k up front and $2k to for training. That is equivalent to 15 years of PlusSpec in this time you would have had to upgrade Revit and Archicad several times as they are not backward compatible so in reality the cost will be much more.
Anyway thanks for voicing your opinion.

Thanks for the comments, but here is my point of view on all matters CAD:

I used to be a big user of SU, but I fell out of favour with it when it came to designing big projects. In my eyes, it just wasn’t good/quick enough especially LayOut. I currently have v2014 only because it was a free upgrade as I had 2013. When I use/used SU I do not use any plugins at all. I create from scratch and/or use existing components/models. I did try a few plugin, but some work, some don’t and some crash, as does SU!!!

I use AutoCAD LT as I have done for many years, and I am very quick with it as I use a lot of dynamic blocks which I have created. I have recently jumped onto the BIM bandwagon with Revit LT as I got a good upgrade price from LT to Revit LT Suite at £500, or about 1000 Australian dollars? That was the only reason I did it, as I hate Autodesk with a passion. I have point blank refused to go the way of the annual subscription/hijack or lose the right to upgrade if I miss a year.

I wish I hadn’t added Revit to my upgrade, as like many others I assumed this is the way to go. Well it’s not. It’s all over the net: BIM this and BIM that etc etc… Here in the UK it is only compulsory to be using BIM if you work in the public sector or national health etc. I do neither. In my line of work “residential extensions & new builds” a pencil and paper will actually suffice. BIM is out there because of lazy and badly educated people not being able to interpret/take off a set of working drawings and bad draughting and design. Revit is actually useless when it comes to revite’s, conversions & renovations of existing or older properties.

In short:
SU is not worth spending more money on.
Revit is useless, unless you are doing new builds from scratch.
I will stick with LT2014 as it works, and Autodesk are not getting another penny from me.

If you would like to see some of my old SU work, head over to the official SU facebook page where you will find my work as the official SU banner where it has been for about a year!

or my website which has a lot more:


I have to agree $395 is a reasonable price, but keep in mind it is only an introductory price. I believe the regular price is $750 (correct me if I am wrong). I will be happily pay $395 annually, but not so sure about paying $750. Unless PlusSpec grandfather us in, then I am having second thoughts about purchasing/renting the software.

I hear your frustration and I have heard it may times before with Revit as we all probably have, the thing with Revit is it is fantastic when you are a Revit Ninja, the problem is and I expect this is your gripe…, if you do not have the time to learn all of the ins and outs you will struggle, especially when you are working for a living. At the end of the day we all need to put food on the table at the same time as doing a great job. I do disagree with some of your comments especially the single minded view that BIM is just for the drafts person or architect. The difference between PlusSpec and Revit is: Revit takes much more time to learn and the cost to purchase is well over $6k…
I am sure if you had to sit down with a ruler and spread sheet and work out the quantities that are displayed on a sheet of paper you would change your opinion on PlusSpec and its cost. To do an accurate estimate on a 4 bedroom house, it is not unusual for it to take 40 hours. That 40 hours only gets reimbursed when, or more importantly if you get the job. If you actually forwarded the information you get out of PlusSpec to your builders you would see that you get more continuity from existing clients and at the same time you could charge more money for the export (about 5 seconds work for you). The choice is yours and I do not insist you buy PlusSpec, it is your choice and I respect that.

BTW if you were not getting enough out of Layout I suggest you get Matt Donnely’s Book.

If you would like to learn more about what BIM can do not just for you but for our industry see this video.
thanks for commenting.

Yes I agree, Grandfather clause it is. When you guys see how PlusSpec can change your efficiency and work flow you will be happy. I look forward to hearing more form you guys and seeing your work.

Hello Everyone,

Just to ensure that there is no confusion, please note that the 30 day guarantee offer, mentioned in this Forum post, was only available for the first month after release (April 2015). This offer is no longer available, and it has long since been removed from our website and our Terms and Conditions.