Price database per project

Can i maintain seperate price databases for separate projects ?
Currently I am working on a few projects that have different prices for materials. One project in particular has very different costs for materials due to remoteness.
I just noticed that costs for all projects are updated globally which is likely to create a mess of my various projects.
What should i do in this circumstance ?

Hi John,

Currently we cannot do this. We are working on a solution for a version of PlusSpec 2016. I am not sure how far away this is.

When pricing is saved it is saved down to your hard-disk. For now the only solution is to make a duplicate of the material that has different pricing and change the price of the duplicate material. What we are working on I know you will enjoy and will be worth the wait.

I will update this board once it has been completed.

Kind Regards


Did this happen in the latest release? It’s something that would be important to me.



Hi Adam,

Currently we have not been able to complete the separate price data list. It will definitely happen in the future.

Kind Regards