prevent windows from dislocating when push-pull wall

Hello. How can I lock/pin the position of carefully placed windows? each time an adjacent wall (yellow highlight) is moved with the ‘Push-Pull Wall’ tool, all window placement (red markup) is lost. Refer to the attached images please.

thanks for your advice, team!

… Could the development team please comment on my previous post? Thanks!

If you wish to sell Plusspec to the Architects and Designer market, then you must understand that we are modelling building elements (doors, walls, etc) not just once … instead, design involves modifying most elements 10 to 50 times. I cannot be expected redrawing the ever shifting windows that many times!!! that would be a time killer!

I understand that Plusspec was initially developed for the builders, who might draw the geometry only once, tracing over a finished architectural plan.
But Architects and Designers work differently and need efficient tools that allow for fast unlimited design iterations/ amendments of geometry.

Please reply. I need to know: Am I am facing a bug which will be fixed? Am I doing anything wrong? Is there a workaround method at least?

This topic is a deal breaker for me. I cannot continue to buy Plusspec if it slows my work down that much.

Kind Regards

Henrik the best thing to do is to split the wall at the end of the last window. The reason it moves the windows is that it was placed from the start of the wall, you would notice that if you extend the other end of the wall that the windows stay in the same location. So basically splitting the wall enables the start of the wall to stay the same.
Right Click split wall is your answer, I hope this helps.