Precast Sandwich Panel


I just created Precast Sandwich panel by using Double Brick wall type and Custom Material.

I choosed Double Brick wall type becuase this wall type is the closest wall type I could find to use for my method.

I created two new wall materials called “Precast External 70mm” and “Precast Internal 150mm” . Then replaced both of the brick wall into these new materials . Also change Cavity width to 50mm in Manual overrides. Now i can use 270mm precast wall . Also can do step down on footing edges with manual overrides.

After drawing the wall I use Wall Surface tool to put finish materials on.

The Wall look correct in 2D but in 3D view you will see the middle insulation layer as void .

I will put suggesstion to have Sandwich panel wall type to be added with future PlusSpec release.

This method can be use to creat hebel panels and othe type of sandwich panels as wall type .Any feed back welcome for my method .

Great work Jethtun. We would love to see some pictures!