pre order questions


Following up on my email I send you I have some questions about the pre ordering announcement.
There is mentioned that you could test the plug-in for several hours for free. Does that mean you do not have to pay for the pre ordering itself but only if your testing is successful you pay the amount mentioned in the pre order announcement ?
What does the phrase " 12 months subscription" means ? Do you subscribe for 12 months of support and updates or do you subscribe for the use of the program for 12 months?
In the mail you send me earlier you spoke of the Australian release in the weeks to come and a worldwide release in april or may. Any follow up on the worldwide release date ?
Concerning the plug-in itself. Will it be possible to use ones own components (doors, windows,…) in the plug-in ?
Finally if you still need some one to beta-test (since building methods differ much across the world) the plug-in with the characteristics of building in these parts of the world you can let me know.


I’m with erikB. These are all good questions. The big one here is how easy is it to modify components in the standard set and can you make you own unique doors and windows? Sweets, are Arcat are HUGE in the United States for building products, will we be able to integrate these products into PlusSpec? If you can integrate Sweets products into your software it will outsell other software in the U.S.! Another big question is can we use .rfa (revit family files) and convert them to PlusSpec components? This would be huge here! People have not taken Sketchup seriously here for building yet and integration with other programs (Revit, ArchiCAD, Architecture [formerly Architectural Desktop by Autodesk] and Vectorworks) would be a major advanatge!