Power and Flexibility...

Hi All,

Further to another recent post I thought I’d show the power and flexibility of now being able to create your own materials in PlusSpec.

The attachment shows a 310UB46 Steel Beam I created for a current project. This beam is now a fully editable PlusSpec object that I can select for use with the flooring, wall tools etc and use in reports via the Take Off tool as per any other PlusSpec library material. Alternatively I can just take my single master beam form my Sketchup Model Library, place it in to any model, “extrude” it to any length and then generate accurate quantity and price/cost via the Take Off tool.

Took only a few minutes to create.

Happy PlusSpecing,


Great work Darryl, it is fantastic to see you getting into the quantifiable side, many overlook the power. There is a new release coming out that will help you with a lot with this yet your method is great. Creating custom materials that can be quantified is great for many things. You will also find the BIM tool :bim-tool: invaluable for creating jobs specific items. We use it in AAD Build for adding allowances into a job, right down to drafting costs, council fees and more. It is easy and we will be refining the system in the future to allow you to automate the process. :smiley:

Hey guys I just smashed this video out, youtube.com/watch?v=DMhTqfO4Nn8
This will save you a heap of time and gives so much more functionality. I iwll do more as soon as I get a minute.
We also have some other really cool tools.