Ply bracing and Help

Hi, I need to add 6mm ply bracing to external walls and can not find how to do it. Am I missing something?
I thought that there would have been an option to add a component such as external ply bracing in the wall options, given that is not an uncommon wall configuration.

Thanks - Lionel

Here is how to add ply bracing to a wall in PlusDesignBuild. Note: you can also add cross bracing or tension bracing by selecting the bracing type required according to the wind loads of the project.

  1. Right Click a wall
  2. Select +Walls
  3. Click +bracings
  4. Click Insert bracing
  5. Choose your bracing type
  6. Left Click on the wall to select the starting point of your Sheet/ply bracing
  7. Left-click on the wall to select where you want your bracing to finish
    Adding cross bracing and ply bracing to a timber wood framed wall in PlusDeisgnbuild Virtual Construction Plugin for Sketchup.jpg