PlusSpec & Xero

Wondering who is using the PluSpec platform with Xero. I like the look of the software & want a complete solution without double handling.
The functionality I’m thinking about is:
Client/job takeoff & estimate to purchase orders & job in progress management i.e V/O’s & Job budgets/reports. Can this capability if available in PlanSpec talk to Xero for real time accounts management?
Keen to hear what the users are doing here.


Hi, Marty, we did do a lot of work with Xero and have created some alpha pre-release exports, we came to a halt when trying to create an estimate as there was limited API access in xero at the time, we did place a request at the time yet have not followed up. A lot of our users are simply hitting the take off and then exporting the XML and importing it into Xero, yet if you have a better solution or more ideas that you think will make it easier we are always here to help