PLUSSPEC ver.1.3.4.exe

To all,

PLUSSPEC ver.1.3.4.exe

I’ve not used SKETCHUP for about a month or so & just fired it up today(20th July 2015). I did the usual PLUSSPEC password & restart (hate that) & found I needed to load the above newer version.

This was done, but now get the following error message:-

Could not load Machine ID. Please close Sketchup and try again.

There is no option to type your password & the re-start, so no where that I can see to go from here. I’ve re-started SU several times now, but same thing. I was thinking of the PLUSSPEC GRANDFATHER offer to renew, but this runs out on the 27th July, so can’t do that either. It also says subscription valid until about 4 hours…??? The reset machine red button also does not work…I’m stuffed… :confused: :unamused:

I’ll try & enclose the screen shot of the error message.

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Hi Clayton,

I have sent you an email with a fix and information on what is happening with this issue.

If anyone else also receives this issue, Please contact me and send me a screen capture like Clayton has done above.

Email -

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