Plusspec - v - Revit


Last year I installed Revit for several months and it cost a fortune compared to Plusspec and had all sorts of bits and pieces that I never needed.

I junked it and bought a Plusspec license just to see what it was like, and now have 4.

After using Plusspec 2016 for a few days I can honestly say that it’s…

Revit 0 - Plusspec 10

Well done, what a heck of a system!

Kind regards


Thanks Steve, is great to hear you are happy with Plusspec . I’m sure a Revit has its strong points, our main goal was to make plusspec easy to use and quick to master. I tried Revit first and struggled with the learning curve as well, i really didn’t have time to spare and a customer introduced me to Sketchup. Much easier yet it lacked certain things that were design specific so i developed them.
I’ve still fit a lot in the tank and in the development board so I’m sure you will continue to enjoy the experience.
If you have manufacturers that you’d like to get involved we are always happy to take your calls. +61 29679 2429