Plusspec update available.

I have got the notice when opening Plusspec that a update is available. One would assume that all I need to do is click on the tab which says download the update on the welcome screen.update download.jpg
No, it appears that it is not that simple. The tab takes you to the update Release Notes page. Then when I click on the v17.3.0 update (that being the next update from the version I have) there is no download tab in the notes.
Ok, no probs, I will go to V17.4.0. Sweet, there is a download tab. I click on that then it takes you to another welcome screen account welome page.jpg where the only thing to do appears to be download the whole Plusspec package again.
Surely there is a simpler way of doing the update? or have i missed something?


Hi Max. I will have the developers look into this. If you have problems with downloading an update, simply go to and hover over “Sign In” and click on Download/Update.