PlusSpec UK Official Launch

Hello All,

Earlier this year, we officially launched PlusSpec AUS and PlusSpec US. However, we understand that construction methodologies differ from country to country, so we are dedicated to releasing PlusSpec software versions that suit every region around the globe.

Since our launch, we have had thousands of requests from UK Architects and Builders for a UK Version.

You Asked, We Listened

Introducing PlusSpec UK:
We are proud to announce that the official launch our latest addition, PlusSpec UK, is coming soon. The Pre-release version will be available within the next few weeks (September/October 2015). … -builders/

Stay tuned!

Great Presentation at the London 3D Basecamp.

We can’t wait to use it in the office!


Has there been any progress made on the UK version of PlusSpec? I’m considering taking up the Easter 2 for 1 offer but I’d like to know the extent of the UK specific content first. Thanks.

Hi Kenny,

Please note that there is only one version of PlusSpec, which provides you with the ability choose, or switch between Metric and Imperial measurements.

The Material Libraries are a very important aspect of PlusSpec. Currently, we have Australia, USA and UK Material Libraries. Although these Material Libraries make PlusSpec easier, as a direct ‘out-of-the-box’ solution, they are nevertheless, simply a ‘template’ library for you to expand upon yourself.

Although we would love to have every product, from every Manufacturer in the world available inside of PlusSpec, it is simply not feasible. That being said, we are constantly expanding or list of Manufacturers from all over the world, and we will be launching more and more UK and European products in the coming months.

However, we must stress that the Material Creator is one of the most powerful features of PlusSpec, and provides you with total customisation.

All of our users, whether using a country specific Material library (such as, Australian/UK/USA) or not, spend a handful of hours independently creating their own unique material libraries, ensuring that they have access to all of their favourite materials and products. Within a few hours, you can easily create hundreds of materials/products from real local manufacturers. This is the true strength of PlusSpec. The default Material Library that comes with PlusSpec is simply a ‘starting point’.

PlusSpec is the perfect solution for you, no matter where you live in the world.

We hope that you took us up on the 2 for 1 offer.

Hi Drew

Thanks for your reply and yes I did take up the 2 for 1 offer.

I must admit though I am a bit confused. Was the original intention to create a specific UK version? The title of this thread and information in the other UK thread including a link to a blog post (which is no longer there) and the £180 beta test offer, all seemed to imply that there was a more specific UK version proposed. Are you saying that the only UK specific element is material customisation i.e Extensions - PlusSpec - Choose Material Package.When I choose the material package however I don’t see any new materials loaded.

It would be good if you could create more UK specific content as standard, which is pre-loaded. Customisation is good but it would get people up and running faster with more as standard.

In addition to materials, brick and block walls as standard for example. The software is very much set up for timber framing and I can’t see how I can even create a custom brick and block wall assigning different thicknesses to each skin, as well as the size of cavity and insulation. Also there is still as far as I can see a very limited selection of doors and windows.

I’ve not had much time to use it yet however so I may well be missing something!