PlusSpec slab / wall connectivity

Guys, it is worth a look at when you push/pull your wall that the slab finds it and moves with it? [if the slab has been drawn already that is] If not should the push/pull tool be a more universal tool for performing this function across multiple elements?

Loving this plugin BTW!!!

Thanks Andrew, if you right click an external wall and select all connected walls then select the joist tool :floor-joist-tool: and indicate a joist direction (slab tool will be attached soon) PlusSpec will automatically add the floor joists, and flooring. You can changeteh type of flooring and joist sizes later , you also have the option of creating a ceiling to the underside. There are some major changes coming with the floor tool which will allow you to do floor finishes by room.
Personally I ususally draw all of my walls first and then minipulate them to suit. yet you can also go inside of teh slab component and push pull the slab and the recesses to create veranda’s etc.
All of the quantities in the take off :takeoff: will reflect the manual changes.

Cheers Andrew, ta!